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The Northern Meeting (NM) originated in June 1788, when thirteen Highland gentlemen met in Inverness and drew up a set of resolutions for the holding of an annual meeting "for the purpose of promoting a Social Intercourse".  Their immediate aim was to liven up social life in the Highlands by organising activities for the "Pleasure and Innocent Amusement" of the members.  Invitations were sent out to 110 people, and by October seventy four gentlemen and three ladies had applied to become members.  This initial membership was largely made up of landowners in the local area, but also included the Provost and Baillies and a number of lawyers, doctors, bankers and merchants from Inverness.

Naturally, the activities have evolved. The Northern Meeting no longer organises the Highland Games in Inverness, but it still holds a grand ball in the Summer, as well as more informal reel parties, occasional lunches and cocktail parties throughout the year.  In addition the Northern Meeting continues to organise the international solo piping competition which take place in Inverness at the beginning of September.  Known to the piping world as "The Northern Meeting", this is the most prestigious competition for solo pipers from around the world.


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